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Hekasoft Backup and Restore is a tool designed to make back-up copies of the folders of the most popular browsers so that you can restore the app with just a few clicks.

It's very easy use this program to save the data from the browsers that you use most frequently. With just a simple click they'll be stored for when you need them to restore this information in a matter of seconds.

Hekasoft Backup and Restore is very easy to use. The only thing that you have to do is follow the steps indicated in the app. That is, you have to select the browser you want and decide if you need to create a back-up copy or restore from one, as well as the folder on your hard drive where you want to save it.

This tool allows you to manage your browsers using one single back-up software, and it also lets you restore all of the user profiles you have associated with different computer programs.

The program is compatible with:

- Avant Browser
- Comodo IceDragon
- Google Chrome
- Lunascape
- Midori
- Mozilla Firefox
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Pale Moon
- Safari
- Slimboat
- Waterfox
- Comodo Dragon
- FileZilla
- Internet Explorer
- Maxthon 3/4 Cloud
- Mozilla Calendar/Sunbird
- Mozilla SeaMonkey
- Opera
- Rockmelt
- Skype
- SRWare Iron
- Yandex

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